Martes, Enero 10, 2012

Fortaleza - the Wealthiest City in Brazil

Pousadas Em Fortaleza
Fortaleza City
Fortaleza is located on the stunning coast of Atlantic Ocean in northeastern part of Brazil where tourists come here to see the lovely view of the beautiful white sand beaches. This place is very popular especially during summer, a period of time that is perfect to go to the beach for sunbathing, diving, surfing or just sit and watch the waves. Fortaleza is energetic and full of atmosphere during night time making it a busy night coming from the bars, discos, restaurants, cafes and even in hotels or any other establishments that offer accommodation services for travelers who stay in this place like Pousadas Em Fortaleza. Business minded individuals and groups take this as an advantage to sell their product items for consumption to local and international tourists.

The city of Fortaleza is recognized as the wealthiest city in Brazil and every year there are escalating quantities of business establishments especially in the field of tourism. Until now, businesses here show no signs of bankruptcy or low revenue from sales. Aside from businesses, local and international tourists buy properties here as well to stay permanently in Fortaleza because of its beauty, trend and atmosphere. However, there are accommodations services offer discounts or low room rates like in Pousadas Em Fortaleza. You have a lot of options to choose from where to stay here that suits your style, ambiance and tastes. The location of this pousada is well-planned making it accessible to the places that a traveler wants to go right away even if it is just a walking distance area.

The pousadas in Fortaleza have their own uniqueness, style and gimmicks adapting the needs of a traveler who wants to stay not only for a day but stay for more days. It is imperative to know the days where visitation in Fortaleza is on its highest peak to avoid hassle or problems in looking for another pousada to stay in. Booking in advance will really help you save your money for you have more time to choose for accommodation services who offer the best low rate price including it location and services offered. Just visit the Google website to know more about on what is happening around Fortaleza including the special events and interesting activities that you should not miss when planning to go there. Aside from those activities, there are also a lot of tourist spots that you should have to visit to make your vacation trip worth it like the beaches, museums, landscapes, etc.

While planning to travel Fortaleza, it is really important to know place first especially your security and safety. Some Pousadas Em Fortaleza will help you provide information you need while visiting this beautiful city. They will also provide you maps and advices on what is the perfect time to visit the tourist spots around Fortaleza. The staffs are approachable and welcoming making you feel at home while staying in pousada and that guarantees your stay becomes your unforgettable experience ever in your vacation trip journal.

Martes, Nobyembre 29, 2011

Cumbuco - North Part of Fortaleza

Fortaleza has a lot of beautiful places where tourist travelers are keep on coming back to such interesting place. There is an interesting small fisherman’s village, Cumbuco, located at the north part of Fortaleza has begun to attract more and more travelers from local to international tourists. Why would tourists put an interest to such place? It is because Cumbuco has the most stunning and peaceful beaches nearby Fortaleza. Not just that, this place has the wind conditions during the month of July to January which is perfect for kite surfing or wind surfing. Since this small fisherman’s village has become popular, businesses are starting to populate this place with supermarkets, restaurants and pousadas which is the most important part for travelers.

When you are in Fortaleza, it’s just easy to get there in Cumbuco. Renting a car or by just taking a taxi will be already the solutions to get there. Generally, you will expect that the foods there are absolutely great especially if you love seafood. Since it is a fisherman’s village, the food you will be eating are fresh, yummy and delightful. However, as I’ve said before the place had become more and more popular to visitors, the prices goes up as well which might affect the budget for a traveler. I can suggest you to a place that might save your money just by staying in Pousadas Em Fortaleza.

There are a lot of Pousadas Em Fortaleza to choose in the area like Hotel Beira Mar, situated in Beira Mar Avenue. Hotel Beira Mar is just perfect for those travelers who seek elegance and comfort. Feel at home and welcomed for it consists of 112 apartments and most especially you can see the view of the sea since most of its rooms are facing to that beautiful scenery. Hotel Beira Mar has swimming pool, sauna, convenience store, restaurant, internet café or WiFi access, fitness gym and staffs that are available at 24 hours.

Aside from Cumbuco, the well-known Baga Beach is just a 5 minute walk from Beira Mar Hotel where most travelers go here for nightlife. This beach gives you perfect scenery coming from the environmental atmosphere where your stay becomes more relaxed. There are more places to explore here and there is nothing more you can ask for.

Because traveling is such a tiring part of being a traveler especially when you have just arrived from Cumbuco, the staffs at Hotel Beira Mar will make your stay stress-free, fun and worth memorable.